Our Snoody Turkey Flock

Our Snoody Turkey Flock

Welcome to our flock!

Known for their single heavy breast and dark, richly-flavored meat, our Heritage Turkeys come from the authentic, slow-growing Red Burbon breed.

Our heritage turkeys are humanely raised on our small farm, and fed a wholesome diet of NON GMO, organically milled food on top of their free range grazing. They are all free of antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products.

Our turkeys are all hand-processed (all butchering done by hand and one at a time) to ensure you receive the highest quality and best-tasting turkey possible. 

 Unlike their modern cousins, heritage breeds grow at a slower pace, which is inconvenient for factory farms on a strict schedule. This slow, natural pace also means that they eat more food, and cost the farmer more in the end. 

They are not as large as the modern birds that are engineered to grow to enormous sizes, so large that they cannot naturally mate. We have a sustainable mating flock so we never have to buy turkey poults from unknown sourses.

Reserve your seasonal favorite now for the holidays!


"Testers mostly preferred the taste of the heritage turkey, but the eating experience is far from the only factor at play here. Thanksgiving is a symbolic holiday, a time when it makes more sense than ever to be mindful of the environmental and moral issues that come along with eating.

It's as good a day as any to ask yourself "Should turkey really cost just $2 a pound?" If you decide that you're willing to pay a premium, heritage turkeys provide an opportunity to support endangered breeds and to eat a bird that lived the lifestyle of its turkey dreams."~Elizabeth Gunnison


$6.75 per pound, average weight 20-25lbs.


**NOTE** Heritage breed turkeys have dark feathers, which can result in noticeable pinfeathers in the flesh, we do our best to get every one but some feather shafts may remain.